I'm a professional doer with a keen eye for lines and proportion and a passion for design and great product.

Knowing there are many like me that wanted to bring our talent to independent designers, small apparel businesses and major brands alike, I decided to create a space where I could enable myself and other designers to work in a collaborative space to help brands bring their product from sketch to sewn garment by offering our specialized talents to brands and private labels.

Whether working in-house or on site with other companies, we are involved in every step of the design and development stage all through production. We have a hands on approach within design & concept development, technical design, tech pack development, patternmaking, sampling & communicating with factories locally & overseas as well as sourcing for fabrics, trims & labor.

Our goal is to be a satelite designer team that brings combined expertise to develop quality apparel and help introduce you to factories and suppliers so you can grow your business or your network.

I created a dynamic space where we can come at any stage of design and help as little or as much as the client needs.

Our clients range from start up designers to established brands within the US and internationally. We design, craft & produce apparel lines. We are a design and product development business based in NYC, specializing in athleisure, swimwear & RTW. Womenswear market


         Hemdhose Jumpsuit . ELLE MAGAZINE January 2014

About Nicole:

Born + raised in Ponce, Puerto Rico, moved to NYC in 2007 to pursue studies in Fashion Design and Merchandising earning two degrees from the Fashion Institute of Technology. She currently resides in NYC and has been aiding brands in their growth and development since 2012. 

Winner of ELLE + Byco Design Challenge. HEMDHOSE JUMPSUIT January 2014. click here to read the article